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Auckland Geeks stands out in NZ for exceptional computer upgrade services near me, catering to the diverse needs of our customers across the nation. Our computer upgrade solutions are not just about enhancing your system; they’re about providing the best computer upgrades NZ has to offer. Whether it’s for gaming, professional use, or general performance improvement, our computer system upgrade services are designed to meet the highest standards. In Auckland and across NZ, we are known for our expertise and commitment to delivering upgrades that significantly boost your computer’s capabilities. Our team carefully assesses your needs, ensuring that each upgrade maximizes your system‘s potential. For Auckland residents and those across NZ looking for dependable and efficient computer enhancements, Auckland Geeks is your ultimate destination. Trust us for upgrades that not only improve your system‘s performance but also extend its lifespan, making us the go-to choice for computer upgrades throughout NZ.

Computers & Laptops become very slow after using them for a while, and it just becomes so annoying and frustrating dealing with a slow device when you are trying to do simple things, but that doesn’t mean its time to through it away and buy a new one, we can upgrade most computers to make them run a lot faster for less than 1/3 of the price of a brand new one

95% of the time all your computer needs is an SSD upgrade, SSD = Seriously Speedy Device, Actually, it stands for Sold State Drive, by replacing your old HDD with a new SSD your computer will boot and run at least X30 faster than it is now, we also have a couple of other tricks that we can perform on your device to make it really fast

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With More Ram

Most devices between 2 – 7 Years old will be running super slow now on HDD and 4GB of Ram, Either spend about $1500 for a brand new device or we can speed up your device for around $400

We want to Tank gareth at Auckland Geeks for his fast and efficient service, he took the PC away with him and worked on it overnight and brought it back the following morning, the PC was running super fast i didnt belive this was the same computer he took away
Trish & Bruce Ward
Milford Auckland